Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Norwegian censorship

Some retailers in Norway apparently are taking two violent computer games off the shelf. Why?
Their response is that the murderous Breivik 'used' these to 'hone' his skills. Although I don't agree with the playing of these violent and gory scenarios I also don't agree that they foster insane actions either.
Movies like SAW, HALLOWEEN, books like IT and Mike Slade's fare, or games like Mortal Kombat didn't create or encourage a generation of killers.
It may have desensitized individuals to be less empathetic, but then being trained by the military does that very effectively as well. As it was designed. If the argument had any validity then citizens of countries with mandatory military service would be all murderers.
Common on folks! A nut bar is still a nut bar! Or is this just the beginning strategy of a legal defense of the indefensible?

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