Thursday, September 29, 2011

Storming Juno

I just finished watching STORMING JUNO, the dramatization of three groups of Canadian soldiers on D-Day, 1944. It was not the typical Hollywood style blood and guts war depiction.
It just showed them, ordinary guys in an impossible situation, trying to survive.
I thought one part was pretty telling when an actor said that most were there because the army paid $1/day. It was at a time when the economy back home was bleak.
Near the end there was a segment called REMEMBERING JUNO. They interviewed the survivors from that horror more than 65 years ago. Moments were still fresh wounds remembered at times during the documentary part for the veterans.
Despite my anti war stance this movie is important. Because it showcases the human spirit rising
above the environment into which it is placed! That part is truly uplifting.
Our complacency is leading us back to that scenario once again!

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