Sunday, September 11, 2011

Toronto Hearings

Due to it being a very event condensed weekend I came in late in the conversation and live stream coming from Ustream.
I am very heartened by this event being so public. The conversation should be out in the open not in the shadows. We, by nature, are not always agreeable or in unison, but should be able to agree to disagree. We, by nature, are neither perfect or omniscient, and by having this conversation will
be able to overcome those shortcomings and arrive at a truth.
Whether some major events in history are fact or fallacy, coincidence or conspiracy is not the point. The scrutiny to investigate by scientific norms in a fair and equal manner should be tantamount.
Some of the concepts discussed in this event are very scary, but seem, to me, to make sense. I, as mentioned before, do not have concrete evidence to either the fact or fallacy. I am however very intrigued to know if I'm right or wrong. Hopefully I'm wrong! Sadly, historically, I don't think I am!

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